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Last updated on 23/06/2015.


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S.No. Tax Type Category Subject Publish Date
 VAT  Rate of TAX Exemption of purchase tax on sugar cane    20/10/2015
 VAT  Rate of TAX Exemption on narrow woven fabric at sl no 100,102,103 & 107    31/08/2015
 VAT  Miscellaneous Remission of tax on RLNG sold to Power plant    19/06/2015
 VAT  Miscellaneous Extention of Amnesty Scheme for Civil Works Contracts    26/05/2015
 VAT  Industrial Incentives Amendment of Rule 18E BIFR-Incentives    18/05/2015
 VAT  Miscellaneous Grant of refund to the K V I B dealers on purchase of cotton rovings    01/04/2015
 VAT  Miscellaneous taxability of Technical textiles and exemption on oral contraceptive pills Isabgul and Isabgul husk and reduction in tax on Imitation jewelry and A T F    01/04/2015
 VAT  Enforcement - Checkpost Implimentation of Revised E-Permit order dated 12-02-2015 effective from 15-02-2015    12/02/2015
 ET  Miscellaneous Remission of Entry Tax on Yarn for Dyeing Job Work    22/01/2015
10   ET  Miscellaneous Remission of Entry TAX on Yarn for Weaving jobwork    22/01/2015
11   VAT  Rate of TAX Regarding Exemption of tax u-s 5-2-a on Technical grade urea and soap hand made manufactured with use of motor up to 3 Hp    21/01/2015
12   VAT  Enforcement - Checkpost Order specifying all taxable goods and electronic system for form 402_403_405    03/12/2014
13   VAT  Rules Amendment_in_Rule_19,37_&_44    15/10/2014
14   VAT  Rules Amendment in Rule 28 for civil works contracts    14/10/2014
15   VAT  Miscellaneous Resolution for Remmission of Intrest & Penalty in case of civil contracts    14/10/2014
16   VAT  Miscellaneous Regarding 1% Reduction in ITC under section 11(6)    23/09/2014
17   VAT  Miscellaneous Regarding deletion of entry-69 of the notification us 5(2) pertaining to LPG for domestic use    23/09/2014
18   OTHR  Miscellaneous Notification regarding Reorganization of Commercial Tax Department    25/08/2014
19   VAT  Enforcement - Checkpost Notifying new checkpost at Ambaji and Zalod    31/07/2014
20   OTHR  Miscellaneous Notification_regarding_Reorganization    11/11/2013
21   OTHR  Miscellaneous Notification_regarding_number_of_Division_13112013    11/11/2013
22   VAT  Rate of TAX Exemption on rubber ballons    02/11/2013
23   VAT  Miscellaneous Regarding Refund under Textile Policy -2012    11/10/2013
24   VAT  Rules Regarding Notification amending Lumpsum Rule-28C for Hotel-Restaurants    08/10/2013
25   VAT  Rate of TAX Regarding goggles and sunglass    04/10/2013
26   VAT  Rate of TAX Regarding Switch, Socket,Relays, etc    04/10/2013
27   VAT  Rate of TAX Regarding Exemption on Jira and Variali    29/08/2013
28   VAT  Miscellaneous Refund of Tax on Purchase to BSF & CPF    06/08/2013
29   VAT  Rate of TAX Exemption to BSF & Central Police Canteen    06/08/2013
30   PT  Rate of TAX Gujarat State Tax on Proffession    01/04/2013
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