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S.No. Tax Type Category Subject Publish Date
 GST  Miscellaneous CIR-161 Clarification relating to export of services-establishment of distinct persons under IGST Act 2017    14/10/2021
 GST  Miscellaneous CIR-160 Clarification in respect of issues like ITC of debit note, requirement of physical invoice, refund in case nil rated exports    14/10/2021
 GST  Refund CIR-162 Clarification in respect of refund of tax paid on subsequently held inter-state transactions under section 77 of GGST Act and section 19 of IGST Act    14/10/2021
 GST  Miscellaneous CIR-159 Clarification on doubts related to scope of “Intermediary”    14/10/2021
 GST  Rate CIR-164 Clarifications regarding GST rates on cloud kitchens, ice cream, overloading charges at toll plaza, amusement park, job work etc    14/10/2021
 GST  Rate CIR-163 Clarification regarding GST rates on fruits-nuts, tamarind seeds, sweet supari, coated ilaichi, hena powder-leaves-mehandi paste, pharmaceutical products, renewable energy projects, fiber drum, etc    14/10/2021
 GST  Rate Concessional rate of tax till 31.12.2021 on specified medicines used in COVID-19    30/09/2021
 GST  Registration CIR-158 Clarification w.r.t. extension of time limit for revocation of cancellation of registration under Noti No. 34/2021-ST Dt. 31.08.2021    13/09/2021
 GST  Appeal CIR-157 Clarification regarding extension of limitation under GST Law in terms of Hon’ble Supreme Court’s Order dated 27.04.2021    28/07/2021
10   GST  Miscellaneous CIR-156 Applicability of Dynamic QR Code on B2C invoices and compliance of notification no 14-2020-ST dated 27.03.2020    29/06/2021
11   GST  Rate CIR-155 GST rate on laterals/parts of Sprinklers or Drip Irrigation System    25/06/2021
12   GST  Rate CIR-153 GST on milling of wheat into flour or paddy into rice for distribution by State Governments under PDS    25/06/2021
13   GST  Rate CIR-151 Clarification regarding GST on supply of various services by Central and State Board (such as National Board of Examination)    25/06/2021
14   GST  Rate CIR-152 Rate of tax applicable on construction services provided to a Government Entity in relation to construction such as of a Ropeway on turnkey basis    25/06/2021
15   GST  Rate CIR-154 GST on service supplied by State Govt. to their undertakings or PSUs by way of guaranteeing loans taken by them    25/06/2021
16   GST  Rate CIR-150 Applicability of GST on the activity of construction of road where considerations are received in deferred payment (annuity)    25/06/2021
17   GST  Rate CIR-149 Applicability of GST on supply of food in Anganwadis and Schools    25/06/2021
18   GST  Return Rationalized late fee of GSTR-1 for June 21 onwards    09/06/2021
19   GST  Return Extension in due date of FORM GSTR-4 for FY 2020-21 upto 31.07.2021    09/06/2021
20   GST  Registration CIR-148-SOP for revocation of cancellation when time limit is extended by DC or JC    05/06/2021
21   GST  Refund CIR 147 Clarification on refund related issues like deemed export and turnover of zero rated supply    18/03/2021
22   GST  Miscellaneous CIR-146-2 Clarification in respect of applicability of Dynamic Quick Response (QR) Code on B2C invoices and compliance of notification    05/03/2021
23   GST  Return Extension in time limit for furnishing of the annual return GSTR-99C for the FY 2019-20 till 31.03.2021    28/02/2021
24   GST  Registration SOP for implementation of Rule-21A (2A) regarding suspension of registration    22/02/2021
25   GST  Return Quarterly Return and Monthly Payment Scheme    01/12/2020
26   GST  ITC Cumulative application of Rule 36(4) for the months February-2020 to August- 2020    14/10/2020
27   VAT  Assessment / Audit Extension of time limit for indicating reason for admitted tax liability under Vera Samadhan Yojana and furnishing undertaking by dealer who desires to avail facility of partial audit assessment    19/08/2020
28   VAT  Assessment / Audit Extension of time limit for furnishing an undertaking by the dealer who desires to avail facility of partial audit assessment    19/08/2020
29   VAT  Assessment / Audit corrigendum to circular No 23-2020 dated 3 july 2020 issued vide No-cct-admin withdrawal of notice-vat assessment-2020-21-B-468-REG    18/08/2020
30   VAT  Assessment / Audit CIR 25 VAT 2016-17 & 17-18 Circular for partial assessment    03/07/2020
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