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S.No. Tax Type Category Subject Publish Date
 GST  Tax Circular-52 Clarification regarding applicability of GST on various goods and services    09/08/2018
 GST  Tax Circular-53 Clarification regarding applicability of GST on the petroleum gases retained for the manufacture of petrochemical and chemical products    09/08/2018
 GST  Tax Circular-54 Classification of fertilizers supplied for use in the manufacture of other fertilizers at 5% GST rate    09/08/2018
 VAT  Return Extension for final Return and Audit Certificate 2017-18    09/04/2018
 GST  Miscellaneous Circular No-38-12-2018 Clarification on issues related to JOB WORK    26/03/2018
 GST  Refund Clarifications on exports related refund issues-regarding    15/03/2018
 VAT  Return Extension For Final Return and Audit Certificate For 2017-2018    01/03/2018
 VAT  Return Extension For Filling Audit Report For 2016-17    28/02/2018
 VAT  Return Date Extension For Annual Return 2016-17    28/02/2018
10   VAT  Return and Challan Extension for Annual Return-2016-17    01/02/2018
11   VAT  Miscellaneous Instructions for movement of good under VAT    31/01/2018
12   GST  E - Way Bill Intructions for e-way Bill under GST    31/01/2018
13   VAT  Return Extension for filling Final Return-Audit Report-APR-June 2017    29/01/2018
14   VAT  Return Extension for filling Audit Report for 201-17    29/01/2018
15   GST  Return and Challan FILING OF RETURN    29/12/2017
16   GST  Miscellaneous Manual filing of applications for Advance Rulling and appeals    22/12/2017
17   GST  Miscellaneous Supply by an artist in various states and from galleries    22/12/2017
18   GST  Composition Extension for filing GST CMP 03    22/12/2017
19   GST  Miscellaneous Books of accounts relating to additional place principal or an auctioneer tea coffee rubber    22/12/2017
20   GST  Miscellaneous Manual filing and processing of refund claims in respect of zero rated supplies reg    23/11/2017
21   GST  Miscellaneous Clarification On Goods On Approval Basis    18/10/2017
22   GST  Miscellaneous Clarification in issues related to furnishing of Bond letter of undertaking for exports    04/10/2017
23   VAT  Return and Challan Extention for June,2017 Return    14/08/2017
24   VAT  Return and Challan Extention for manual Challans up to 31-8-2017    14/08/2017
25   GST  Miscellaneous Redesignation of officers    26/07/2017
26   GST  Miscellaneous Extension for filing of intimation of composition    21/07/2017
27   GST  Miscellaneous Mode of verifications and HSN code    01/07/2017
28   VAT  Miscellaneous NEW VAT-SALESTAX AMNESTY SCHEME-2017    02/06/2017
29   VAT  Return and Challan E-Payment mandatory for Fifty thousand rupees and above    15/05/2017
30   VAT  Return and Challan Extention for receipt of manual chalan    05/05/2017
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