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S.No. Tax Type Category Notification No Subject Publish Date
 GST  Return  N-13-2019-ST Extension in time limit for GSTR 3B for April to Jun 2019 upto 20th day of the succeeding Month    07/03/2019
 GST  Return  N-12-2019-ST Extension in time limit for GSTR 1 for April to Jun 2018 upto 11th day of succeeding Month    07/03/2019
 GST  Composition  N-14-2019-ST Aggregate turnover limit for eligibility under composition    07/03/2019
 GST  Rate  N-2-2019-ST Rate on First supplies upto fifty lakh rupees in any financial year by a registered person    07/03/2019
 GST  Return  N-11-2019-ST Extending time limit for furnishing details in FORM GSTR-1 for the quarter April to June-2019 upto 31st July 2019    07/03/2019
 GST  Registration  N-10-2019-ST Category of persons exempt from obtaining registration under the GGST Act    07/03/2019
 GST  Return  09/2019-State Tax Extension for GSTR 3B for the Month of January- 2019 to 22/02/2019 for the state    21/02/2019
 GST  Return  08/2019 TIME LIMIT EXTENSION FOR GSTR-7 TILL 28TH FEB 2019    08/02/2019
 GST  Rules  N-GHN-16-2019-ST Corrigendum to Rules amending Notification No. 3-2019 State Tax    06/02/2019
10   GST  Return  N-7-2019-CT Extension in time limit for GSTR-7 for the months Oct-18 to Dec-18 till 28-02-2019    31/01/2019
11   GST  Rate  N-GHN-12-2019-ST Corrigendum to Notification no 26-2018 State Tax Rate    31/01/2019
12   GST  Registration  N-6-2019-ST Inclusion of Jammu and Kashmir for calculation of aggregate turnover    29/01/2019
13   GST  Rate  N-5-2019-ST Rates for Composition Scheme as per Rule 7    29/01/2019
14   GST  Rules  N-3-2019-ST First amendment to GGST Rules 2017    29/01/2019
15   GST  Miscellaneous  N-2-2019-ST Seeks to bring into force the GGST Amendment Act 2018    29/01/2019
16   GST  Miscellaneous  N-4-2019-CT Seeks to define jurisdiction of Joint Commissioner (Appeals) under CGST    29/01/2019
17   GST  Rate  N-1-2019-ST Rescinding Notification No 082017-State Tax Rate dated 28062017 regarding RCM    29/01/2019
18   GST  Miscellaneous  N-1-2019-ST Notifying Deemed exports    15/01/2019
19   GST  Return  N-68-2018-ST Extension for GSTR-3B in respect of Migrated tax payers for August-2017 to December-2017    01/01/2019
20   GST  Return  N-70-2018-ST Extension for GSTR-3B in respect of Migrated tax payers for July-2018 to March-2019    01/01/2019
21   GST  Return  N-69-2018-ST Extension for GSTR- 3B in respect of Migrated tax payers for July-2017 to March-2018    01/01/2019
22   GST  Miscellaneous  N-73-2018-ST Exempt supply made by Govt Department and PSUs to other Government Department from TDS    31/12/2018
23   GST  Registration  N-67-2018-ST Extension for GST REG 26 till 31-1-2019    31/12/2018
24   GST  Rate  N-29-2028-ST Changes for RCM in respect of services amendment to notification No-13-2017    31/12/2018
25   GST  Rate  N-25-2018-ST Changes for the exemption of goods amendment to notification No-2-2017    31/12/2018
26   GST  Rate  N-26-2018-ST Exemption on supply of gold by nominated agency for export of jewellery    31/12/2018
27   GST  Rate  N-28-2018-ST Changes for the exemption of Services amendment to notification No-12-2017    31/12/2018
28   GST  Rules  N-74-2018-ST 14th Amendment to GGST Rules    31/12/2018
29   GST  Rate  N-27-2018-ST Changes in the rate of Services amendment to notification No-11-2017    31/12/2018
30   GST  Return  N-75-2018-ST Late fee waived for GSTR-1 for July 17 to September 2018    31/12/2018
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