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S.No. Tax Type Category Notification No Subject Publish Date
 GST  Rules  N-28-2018-ST 6TH AMENDMENT TO GGST RULES    19/06/2018
 GST  Miscellaneous  N-27-2018-ST NOTIFYING PERISHABLE OR HAZARDOUS GOODS Under Section 67 (8)    13/06/2018
 GST  Rules  N-26-2018-ST FIFTH AMENDMENT TO GGST RULES    13/06/2018
 GST  Return  N-25-2018-CT EXTENSION FOR FILING GSTR-6 TILL 31-7-2018    31/05/2018
 GST  Miscellaneous  N-24-2018-ST Notifying National Academy of Customs for GSTP Exam    28/05/2018
 GST  Rate  N-11-2018-ST Reverse Charge On Priority Sector Lending Certificate    28/05/2018
 GST  Return  N-23-2018-CT EXTENSION FOR GSTR-3B FOR APRIL 2018    18/05/2018
 GST  Return  N-22-2018-ST WAIVING LATE FEE FOR GSTR 3B OCT-2017 TO APRIL-2018    14/05/2018
 GST  Rules  N-21-2018-ST GUJARAT GST RULES 4TH AMENDMENT    25/04/2018
10   GST  E - Way Bill  N-B12-2018-ST e way bill for Intra State Movement    11/04/2018
11   GST  E - Way Bill   Exemption from e-way bill for Intra State Movement    28/03/2018
12   GST  Rate of TAX  N-19-2018-CT Time Limit for GSTR-6 for July-2017 to April-2018    28/03/2018
13   GST  Rate of TAX  N-17-2018-ST Time Limit for GSTR-1 for Turnover upto 1.5 Crore    28/03/2018
14   GST  Rate of TAX  N-18-2018-CT Time Limit for GSTR-1 for Turnover more than 1.5 crore    28/03/2018
15   GST  Rate of TAX  N-20-2018-CT Extension for Application for Refund Under section-55    28/03/2018
16   GST  Rate of TAX  N-10-2018-ST Exemption from reverse charge up to 30th June 2018    23/03/2018
17   GST  Return  N-16-2018-ST Time Limits for From GSTR-3B for Apr May June 2018    23/03/2018
18   GST  Rules  N-14-2018-ST 3rd Amendment to GGST Rules-2018    23/03/2018
19   GST  Rules  N-15-2018-ST Appointing 1st April 2018 for E-way Bill Rules    23/03/2018
20   GST  Rules   Rules- Corrigendum to rules Notification No-342017- 552017    23/03/2018
21   VAT  Rate of TAX   REDUCTION IN RATE ON ATF    08/03/2018
22   GST  Rules  N-13-2018-ST Rescind Notification No-6 2017    07/03/2018
23   GST  Rules  N-12-2018-ST Second Amendment in Rules 2018    07/03/2018
24   CESS  Rate of TAX   Remission On Groundnuts Purchased at MSP    05/03/2018
25   VAT  Rules   Amendment in Rule 44 For Final Return Audit Certificate    28/02/2018
26   GST  Miscellaneous   New Nomenclature of The Commissionerate of State Tax, Gujarat State    22/02/2018
27   GST  E - Way Bill   Exemption for e-way bill for Intra-State Movement    15/02/2018
28   GST  Miscellaneous   Power Delegation to Appellate Authority    14/02/2018
29   GST  Miscellaneous   Amending Order for Power Delegation    14/02/2018
30   GST  Miscellaneous   Officers Jurisdiction of the State of Gujarat with effect from 1st february 2018    06/02/2018
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